The Center for Japanese Studies is part of the Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Not only is it a center for students of Japanese history, literature, and religion, but the Center also acts as an area of dialogue around contemporary Japanese culture: Japanese hip-hop, modern day gangsters, the films of Ozu and their impact across East Asia, and the growing ubiquity of Japanese food around the globe.

2008 marked the Center for Japanese Studies’ 50th year. To celebrate that milestone and the beginning of the next 50 years, spoon+fork was called upon to design an event identity for the Center’s 50th Anniversary.

The year long celebration stretched well into 2009 and called for a very thoughtful approach to the materials which were designed as keepsakes. Posters were designed in a two-sided format as a means of organizing 2008 programming and 2009 programming. spoon+fork also designed and illustrated 10 program books for the series of events, as well as invitations for 3 key events.