Underscore Matters 06: Linda Kim

Underscore Matters 06


Linda Kim

Integrity / Fearless Ambition / Perseverance


Published December 2013

“My mom knew I would never work for somebody because...When I was eight years old I would beg my dad to take me to costco to buy airheads, blow pop Lollipops, and some other assortment of candies because I'm gonna go to school and I'm gonna sell it.”

—Linda Kim


California native Linda Kim was introduced to roasted chickpeas after a workout with her regular gym buddy. Starving, he shared with her a bag of traditional roasted chickpeas. Linda never had anything like it and was impressed by the high fiber and protein content. Though a nutritious snack, it was lacking a bit of deliciousness. So she began experimenting in her kitchen to create a roasted chickpea snack that was as delicious as it was healthy. After a number of failed attempts, she moved to New York and became an apartment broker. A friend who is a food buyer paid her a visit, and they started talking about the roasted chickpeas. She encouraged Linda to pursue it again. That conversation was the catalyst that sparked her motivation to pursue what eventually became Pulse. She found herself back in her kitchen once again. She traced her steps and looked at what could be done differently in the roasting process of the chickpeas. She played with the recipe and heat to arrive at the airy and crispy roasted chickpea snacks people have become addicted to. Linda's been roasting non-stop in New York City ever since.